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How Can I Gain Better Control Of My Company’s Roof Assets?

As part of our unique approach, Global Roofing offers a free comprehensive customized report to help building owners and managers assess, organize, and budget for all of their roofing needs.  The following outlines the typical sequence of events involved in setting up a customized report for a customer:

1.Visual inspection of all roofs including core cuts by Global Representative

2.Comprehensive customized report is submitted to you and will include the following:

Conditions of all roofs described in detail.

Recommendations for any necessary preventative maintenance, restoration, or replacement work.

Photographs to illustrate findings.

Thermographic scans recommended where necessary.

Budget figures and a timeline of necessary projects so that necessary expenditures can be properly planned,         and large unanticipated expenditures can be avoided.

Start Taking Control of Your Roofing Assets Before They Take Control of You!

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